Making progress

Last month I blogged about getting back to my unfinished needlepoint project, “Naxos Cat” by Ehrman Tapestry’s Elian McCready. I am determined to finish it and I have made progress recently. Let’s hear it for me!

I also bought this pillow at a recent estate sale. It is a large needlepoint picture of Edinburgh Castle. Isn’t it great? It needs to be made into a new pillow, losing its black polyester frame and backing, but I really love it.

I am looking forward to a trip to the world-famous needlepoint store in this flyover state, The Sign of the Arrow. Daughter #1 worked there when she was in high school and once took a call from Kate Spade New York asking about finishing costs. But then, Kate Spade is a flyover girl herself, so she would be in the know.