Dining room redux

Not long ago I blogged about my dining room and its newly painted blue walls, which look like this:

I also mentioned that I wanted to buy a new rug and that it should be mostly red so that the room would not be so overwhelmingly blue. I’ve been looking for months for a rug and last week I finally found a reasonably good quality hand made rug that I thought would be just the thing. I bought it online from a rug dealer in Lexington Kentucky. The transaction was easy and the company efficient, but the rug turned out to be more rust than the red it looked online. Oh well. It’s growing on me; It does really brighten up the room.

What do you think? I welcome your feedback, but be nice because I’m feeling sensitive.

Note: the funny shading on the front edge of the rug is just the light on the nap and not staining.