I’ll take Manhattan

by chuckofish

Daughter #1 has already blogged about my visit and done a lovely job of hitting the high points of my trip to New York City.

What a pleasure to visit one’s grown-up daughter in her terra cognita!

We checked out the Upper West Side and visited ABC where I saw the rim and the set and the desk and all that mysterious stuff. Chris Cuomo smiled at me and David Muir waved.

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which I had not visited since 1978. Pretty impressive indeed. We walked through Central Park.

We went to Brooklyn…

and hit the Brooklyn Flea Market.

On Sunday morning we went to my daughter’s church, the awesome St. Bart’s on Park Avenue.

Afterwards we went to brunch with two of my daughter’s lovely college friends and my son’s best Best Man in the West Village. Then we walked to Washington Square and went to some only-in-New York stores, including The Strand which I loved and will return to some day with a list in hand. Oh yeah, and we saw Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone at the big ABC furniture store. They followed us around looking at hipster furniture, but we finally lost them in the linens department.

Every night after sitting outside for an evening cocktail we watched (in our nerdly fashion) Ghostbusters, You’ve Got Mail, and The World of Henry Orient–all New York-focused movies. We also watched Broadcast News for a little media-focused fun.

My feet will recover eventually, and I will long remember my wonderful visit with daughter #1 in NYC. And it wasn’t scary at all.