It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas



This is a picture of handsome Tom and Chris which I put out every Christmas. A good memory of Christmas Past on 231. I must say the tree looks pretty sad! I guess my mother had given up on tree perfection by that point. I have no doubt that the tree was beautiful “in real life”. You know what I mean. I’m sure we oohed and ahhhed about the tree.

And how cute are these guys?

Pinecone elves from Martha Stewart

Pinecone elves from Martha Stewart

If I were the crafty type, I would be all over these.

But I’m just not anymore. This is more my speed: a candle in an old cup and saucer with fake berries. But it looks nice!


I like decorating for Christmas with vintage photos of my family up close and personal with Santa.


I am not big on pictures of my children everywhere throughout the house…except at Christmas. Then (for some reason) it’s appropriate.


I used to send my children’s class pictures to my out-of-town friends. Once one of them sent them back to me in the form of Christmas ornaments, which I thought was awe-some.


As you can see, I (try to) take things slowly in the month of December, taking out my decorations gradually. Still ahead? Trees!

So give us joyful, cheerful hearts to the glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.