Weekend update

Oh, weekends in December! So busy and filled with seasonal activities such as buying Christmas trees ‘n such.

On Saturday the husband and I hopped in the Subaru and headed over to our local Optimists lot where the fellas are very friendly and helpful. We picked out two trees (one big and one small) and as my husband disappeared into the trailer to pay, I moseyed over to talk to….yes! Santa!


I asked if I could take his picture and then one of the guys directed me to sit on Santa’s knee. I demurred. He insisted. Santa admitted to having a titanium knee. Hilarity ensued.


Then one of the guys said, “Oh that’s a terrible background. Let’s move some trees over there…”

tree 1

More picture-taking, even less flattering than the first batch, so I will cease and desist at this point to share any more. You get the picture.

I am telling you, we are well on our way to December 25th! I put up the little tree.


It is beautiful, isn’t it? We’ll put up the big tree next weekend when daughter #2 gets home.

On Sunday the boy and his bride came over and we went to the Service of Lessons and Carols at Grace. It was very nice, but I was distracted by the woman in front of me who went to my high school where every year the choir put on a Festival of Lessons and Carol of its own, the old school English version. This woman was a few years ahead of me (7) and was a cool-girl-hockey-player, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how she’s 63 years old now! Could it have been that long ago that we sang Ralph Vaughan Williams in the school chapel? Yes, it has. Turns out, she saw our sign out in front announcing our Lessons and Carols service and she decided to come. I told her it was great to see her and I hoped she’d come back.

‘Cause you sure as hell can’t go home again. Onward and upward.

Anyway, we are well into Advent. Blessings be upon you and yours. Here’s “Gabriel’s Message” sung by the King’s College (Cambridge) Choir to start off your week right: