The airport at this time of year is a fun place to people watch. There are lots of happy people picking up college students and relatives etc. There are people with balloons!


Daughter #2 arrived on time and toting a 50-lb. suitcase. Yikes. We moved on, as is our custom, to Hacienda and margaritas.


The boy came over and put the tree up in its stand (step 1) so that the branches could come down before decorating it the next day.



The tree, although there was an alarming amount of needles on the floor (zut alors!), turned out to be quite satisfactory.


I finally watched Miracle on 34th Street (1947) and A Christmas Story (1983).

I am looking forward to watching more Xmas flicks this week and another trip to the airport to pick up daughter #1 on Thursday. In the meantime…

keep calm