Fa la la la lala la la

Well, in our part of the Midwest we haven’t had any snow to speak of. Just a lot of gray skies.

We spent yesterday at the hospital with daughter #2 who was having some ear tube maintenance surgery.


It was a long, but thankfully uneventful day. Daughter #1 had fun entertaining herself with iPhone antics and tweets.

mary hosp

We were glad to go home after 4 hours, stopping at McDonald’s for Diet Cokes and Nuggets (don’t judge us). Later we went to get a prescription filled and to Walgreen’s for NyQuil and throat lozenges. I made hash with the pork tenderloin leftover from Christmas. Daughter #1 made cookies. We watched several episodes of Buffy, including one of our favorites (“Band Candy”) wherein our she-ro made an amusing reference to Nightline. (We live for such moments.)

That was our day. Sigh.