Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s…

Super Chris! Guardian of babies
super chris

Son #2 is off to London for the semester at the end of this week, so the adorable children whom he “guards” on Sundays in the church nursery bought him a cake to celebrate his last Sunday. We were oh, so proud…


if slightly bemused, and very soon, full of sugar. We were also a little tired from last night’s “farewell to Chris” dinner at which I crammed nine people into my small house.

Here are a couple shots of the living room ready for visitors, although we had to move in some additional chairs (not pictured here) after the guests arrived.


In this picture you can see just how long the dining room table got — the end chair is almost touching the 1820s tufted chair, which we had to push further into the living room to allow easy access between the rooms (the tufted chair usually it sits back a bit more).


Inside the dining room (and yes, that is a folding chair in the middle):


We added both extra leaves to the table and scrambled to find both chairs and a table cloth that would fit (which it did just barely), but in the end we all fit comfortably and had a really nice dinner of Moussaka, salad, and rolls followed by a chocolate tort with whipped cream and mixed berry topping.


Now, keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds so that Super Chris makes all his flights and arrives safely in London! God save the Queen and all that…