The Wise Men do their part


Yesterday at Grace we had a Lessons and Carols with Holy Eucharist for Epiphany service complete with three little boys decked out in glittery kingly garb bringing gifts for the Christ child (see picture above sans boys). The only problem was, as usual, no one had bothered to tell the assigned lay readers that there was a change in the service which would affect them. I was a lay reader and this annoyed me, which in turn made me feel like a grumpy old lady, which contrary to popular opinion, I do not enjoy.

Once I recovered from my initial consternation, however, I was able to enjoy the service, which is a treat reserved, I guess, for when Epiphany actually lands on a Sunday. Anyway, it included the singing of many of my favorite hymns: We Three Kings, In the Bleak Midwinter, As With Gladness Men of Old, and The First Nowell. Also the wee bairns in the training choir sang and they are always adorable.

I was the first reader and read the first lesson:


I love being a lay reader, because I love the scripture. This is what keeps me going to church despite constant reservations and disagreements with all forms of organized religion. Also it was good to go to church on Epiphany and be reminded that epiphanies happen every day. Our task is not to MISS them!

It was also a great lead in to watching 3 Godfathers (finally).

This movie never disappoints. I was also reminded of the time back in the day when daughter #1 and the boy were shepherds in the “Christmas in St. Louis” parade. They rode on the float with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus and some sheep. That year there were also three wise men on real camels! One of the kings was our new daughter-in-law’s grandfather who was right out of central casting in the part of king/wise man. I wish I had a picture of him on his camel, but I’ll have to make due with this one of my children.


Little did that King on a camel know that his granddaughter would marry that little shepherd one day. Well, wise man or shepherd, we try to do our part.

We try to give Him our heart.