Things happen

One of the best things about being the Boss Lady is that I get to call a snow day every once in awhile. Well, yesterday was one of those days. It wasn’t Snowmageddon, but for our flyover state it was significant white stuff.

We started with sleet in the morning.


And continued as snow throughout the day.


I hunkered down with my little home version of a potbelly stove:

potbelly stove

I read more of The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather and munched on Valentine’s candy.


I watched Stagecoach on TCM.

Ringo: I used to be a good cowhand. But things happen.
Dallas: Yes. Things happen.

What a great movie! What a great day!

Unfortunately, although I called a snow day for our students today, I have to go in myself. C’est la vie!