O blest communion, fellowship divine

by chuckofish

Daughter #2 went back east on Saturday, and after I dropped her off at the airport, I hurried back to Grace Church for a funeral. An 86-year old friend had died while we were in Wyoming and I wanted to pay my respects to him and to his lovely wife. (Also if I shed a few tears for daughter #2, no one would notice.)

As befitted the passing of a devout cradle Episcopalian, the service included KJV readings and the whole nine yards of communion–just the way I like it. There was a good crowd there to honor Brooke, a retired chemist with 30-something patents, including one to do with medical x-rays. He was also a devoted churchman–a dying breed I’m afraid. His three children all spoke movingly before the service about Brooke. I was impressed. But none of them seemed to know what to do during the service, which saddened me. Clearly none of his sons are devoted churchmen. Ah, well. So it goes.

Brooke once told me, after hearing the boy speak in church about his experience on the youth mission trip, that he thought my son was a “fine young man”. This meant a lot to me, and I can only hope that the boy will someday be as fine a man and churchman as Brooke was.

Speaking of Episcopalians, Ruby, our hostess in Wyoming, is the widow of a clergyman and the daughter-in-law of a bishop.


She took us to a service in the mountains at St. Alban’s Chapel which was officiated by the interim dean of St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Laramie.


There were about 25 friendly souls and several dogs at the service.

An elderly chihuahua in a sweater who sat on a pew during the service.

An elderly chihuahua in a sweater who sat on a pew during the service.

Afterwards we all had a picnic at Lake Brooklyn nearby.


Daughter #2 made a friend.


Fortified with our healthy lunch, Ruby drove us around the Snowy Range 4-wheel drive trails in the Medicine Bow National Forest in her stick shift Subaru. We hiked some too, scrambling over rocks behind her.

trail 1








Somehow we managed to keep up–not so easy for these flatlanders at 8200 ft.!

Ruby leaves our flyover state in May every year for her house in Wyoming and returns in late September when the weather turns cold. She is a hardy soul, hospitable, gracious and generous. This trip will go down in history as one of the best!

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