Fat Baby Friday and Happy Birthday Mary, Dolly (and Buffy)

by chuckofish


Yes, Fat Baby Friday is back!

In honor of our mother’s b-day on the 19th, here is a picture of her in 1926, waving her arms excitedly. Hope this adorable, happy baby makes your day and caps off your week with a positive note!

As for a Friday movie pick, I suggest watching Nine to Five (1980), starring our other birthday girl, Dolly Parton.


This classic tale of three female employees turning the tables on their sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical boss is very just a little bit dated, but we love it anyway. It is the perfect movie to watch at the end of a stressful work week.

As you know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer shares a birthday with our mother and Dolly Parton, so it would likewise be appropriate to watch a few of those classic “Buffy-has-a-disastrous-birthday” episodes. And aren’t we always appropriate?

You might try:

“Surprise”/“Innocence” (Season 2)
“Helpless” (Season 3)
“A New Man” (Season 4)
“Blood Ties” (Season 5)
“Older and Far Away” (Season 6)

My personal favorite is season four’s “A New Man” wherein Ethan Rayne transforms Giles into a Fyarl demon, forcing him to go head-to-head with the Slayer. Remember when he chases that arrogant be-atch Prof. Walsh down the street?


It is a priceless episode and contains an abundance of great lines, including:

Professor Maggie Walsh: We thought you were a myth.
Buffy: Well, you were myth-taken

and several classic exchanges between Giles and Spike, like this one:

Giles: [Demon Giles] If you can’t find third gear, don’t try for third gear.
Spike: I’m doin’ my best. I don’t know if I’m drivin’ this thing or wearin’ it.
Giles: [Demon Giles] It’s perfectly serviceable.
Spike: [laughs] Funny hearing a Fyarl demon say “serviceable”. Had a couple of ’em working for me once. They’re more like, “Like to crush. Crush now?” Strong though. You won’t meet a jar you can’t open for the rest of your life.
[Giles growls menacingly]
Spike: [amused] What was that? Did you growl?
Giles: [primly] No.

So whether you choose to watch Buffy or Dolly or none/all of the above, have a great weekend!