Don’t tell me the lights are shining any place but there*

by chuckofish

Did you have a pleasant weekend?

Earlier in the week my dual personality sent me a couple of old books that were right up my alley,


so I had those to peruse. I also picked up a pillow that I had left to be finished at the Sign of the Arrow.


If you recall, I bought it at an estate sale. I thought it was Edinburgh Castle, but a friend told me he thought it was Strasbourg. Well, hats off to Allan’s eagle eye, because when I separated it from its tacky polyester backing and took it apart, it said “Strasbourg” on the original canvas. The ladies at the Sign of the Arrow were impressed with the design and workmanship and it turned out really well, don’t you agree?

On Sunday afternoon, the OM had the bright idea to go down to the Riverfront to see the new Stan Musial bridge.


Here is the OM taking a picture of the bridge in front of one of the ubiquitous “cakes” that are found throughout the city and county celebrating the 250th birthday of our flyover city.

rpc bridge

Standing four-feet-tall, each two-tier ornamental birthday cake has been decorated by local artists and marks a location of note in our region. Two hundred and fifty locations were chosen. We ran into two quite by accident on our adventures downtown.

Since we were in the vicinity, we had to go to Ted Drewes.


And there was a cake!

photo cake

I think these cakes are kind of silly, but if it amuses people, who am I to quibble?

Meanwhile the amaryllis is going by having put on quite show.

K3_Mar 09 2014_0376_edited-1

Have a nice week!

“Meet Me in St. Louis” by Andrew B. Sterling