Spring Break in the Frozen North

by chuckofish

This week was my Spring Break. One colleague went to Hawaii; another to Europe. And of course, my dual personality is vacating in Maryland with her wonderful daughter. I worked, shoveled snow, mopped up from the leaking family room ceiling, and dreamed wistfully of Spring. I don’t mean to complain, but this  is the view out my dining room window this morning.

another 3" expected today

another 3″ expected today

We haven’t seen the ground for months, let alone a green growing thing; no crocus shoots, no buds, just grey and white, ferocious wind and plunging temperatures. It’s getting old (oh, wait, I guess I am complaining). Still, a friend gave me some beautiful, red tulips


and I binge-watched one of my favorite TV shows, Wonderfalls, which struck just the right chord.


It’s equal parts quirky, laugh out loud funny, and romantic. You should see it whether or not you are experiencing an existential crisis.

In typical Chamberlin fashion I put off doing the things I least wanted to do (i.e. grading) and spent a huge amount of time on things that shouldn’t have taken as long as they did. Oh, well.

A high spot of the week was my husband’s Friday afternoon lecture for the SLU Faculty Cafe series. The event was very civilized with wine and canapes followed by Duncan’s stimulating discourse on  Joshua Kirby.

Gainsborough's portrait of Kirby

Gainsborough’s portrait of Kirby

No kidding. I’m quite taken with Mr. Kirby. He was a stand-up guy among the 18th century’s rakes and ne’er-do-wells, some of whom were his friends (I’m talking about you, Mr. Gainsborough!). Kirby was a sober, devoted Church of England, middle class family man, who parlayed his natural affability and a talent for architectural drawing into a secure life among the day’s elite. And he had a really nice face. You can read all about it here.

Well, that’s about it for my week. I went no farther afield than the office, but I did get to sleep in a couple of times and I did get some reading and writing done. All in all, it’s been a pleasant spring break, but I sure am looking forward to hearing about my dual personality’s adventures, aren’t you?