More snow you say?

by chuckofish

Bah humbug!


Yes, we are a wee bit annoyed in our flyover state. However, you may recall that last year at this time we had 12.4 inches of snow! So big deal, right? What’s a dusting?

Besides, this is just a minor set-back. It does feel like spring is almost here. There are Robins in abundance. Songbirds are singing. Have you heard “Peter! Peter! Peter!”? According to BirdWatcher’, we should also be listening for woodpeckers drumming and owls hooting. Look for raptors in clumps or pairs and ducks in flight.

Take a deep breath. It smells like spring.

Meanwhile I have my spies in Florida. They send me photos of this guy.


Hello, Mike Matheny. How ya doin?