What ever happened to predictability?*

by chuckofish

I have had a very busy week so today we are just going to ask the burning question: “Have you been watching Dancing With the Stars?”

I admit it–I have (it’s not like there’s anything else to watch on Monday night), and I must say there are a lot of good dancers this season.


Those Olympic skaters are awesome. And what about the Paralympian girl with the prosthetic legs? She is really awesome!

But I have to say I am rooting for Candace Cameron Bure, aka D.J. Tanner.


My kids grew up watching Full House (1987–1995)


and daughter #1 always identified with Donna Jo Tanner, the oldest sister, who was a type-A good girl with big hair. They were like long-lost sisters. They even look alike.

D.J. Candace:


and D.J. Daughter #1:


So clearly we are on Team Candace Cameron. (I hope I haven’t jinxed her!) Who are you cheering for?

Also please note that today is the birthday of Doris Day ((born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff on April 3, 1922)! TCM will be showing 12 Doris Day films today so set your DVR! Check out the schedule here.

*Full House theme song–duh.