We had a party!

by chuckofish

Son #2 graduates from college tomorrow. Both his brothers having arrived safely home in time for the festivities, we invited a few of the graduating seniors and select guests to an informal late afternoon-early evening soiree. All day rain served to cool things off — it had been too warm and muggy — and let’s face it, clouds hide more than the sun; all those dusty corners I didn’t quite get to just faded into the background.  Everything went quite smoothly…

We set up the beer/soda fridge in the mudroom.


and the wine in the dining room

James uncorks the wine

James uncorks the wine

along with the food.


The hungry hordes did a great job eating up the munchies — look at all of those empty plates!   Conversation was entirely pleasant and mostly about movies (quelle surprise!).


I confess that these mellow pictures are somewhat misleading as they were taken toward the end of the party when I finally remembered the camera. Earlier, when there were more people and the apartment mates put on their favorite lp,  Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell (don’t ask, but, yes, vinyl on a turntable) it felt more like this,


though, alas, we have no cat. A fun time was had by all!

Today, we get to recover and then it’s on to graduation tomorrow. I’ll take a host of pics and post some of them if I get the chance. In the meantime, have a great Saturday!