It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

by chuckofish

…a glorious day in fact.  Til is hiding behind my hosta (I think he’s embarrassed by the weeds and grass) and the flowers are blooming outside



and in


and I finally painted and hung the shelves in my downstairs bathroom!


I haven’t quite settled on what will be on the shelves, but it’s a start. The little, flat metal figures are Little Boy Blue and Little Bo Peep, their sheep, a dog, and a pig (I’m not sure what role the pig is supposed to play, but it’s cute). I’ve had these little figures since I was a kid and recently rediscovered them while doing some ‘attic excavation’. I like them on the shelf.  So what do you think?

Next week I’ll introduce you to my newest purchase — an antique table from the Canadian Maritimes. I like to think of it as Scottish in origin, but who knows. Until next week, enjoy the weather and do some fun puttering around the house!