Lest we forget

by chuckofish

Let’s say a prayer for those brave men who fought so hard for us all those years ago in WWII. Any day (every day) — it doesn’t have to be June 6th.  Those who survived the initial assault were still fighting on the 7th of June. After all, it took much longer than a day to drive the Germans out of France.  Remember them often.

Today, I’m particularly thinking about my former pew-mate, Mr. Brennan (now with the angels), who went into Normandy on a glider. He never talked about it, but on Memorial Day he wore his unit pins. They were small and unobtrusive. He wasn’t the kind of guy to advertise — he wore them for the buddies he lost. As I recall he was with the 82nd Airborne, but I could be mistaken. You can read about the gliders at D-Day here. Herb was a gallant gentleman. On one particularly chilly Sunday when he could tell I was cold, he took his jacket off without a word and put it around my shoulders. They don’t make ’em like Herb anymore!

many gliders had bad landings

many gliders had bad landings

Look for another post tomorrow… in the meantime, enjoy a glorious Saturday!