So bye, bye, Miss American Pie

by chuckofish

[At Pentecost Peter] intendeth to prove…that the Church can be repaired by no other means, saving only by the giving of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, forasmuch as they did all hope that the restoring drew near, he accuseth them of sluggishness, because they do not once think upon the way and means thereof. And when the prophet saith, “I will pour out,” it is, without all question, that he meant by this word to note the great abundance of the Spirit….when God will briefly promise salvation to his people, he affirmeth that he will give them his Spirit. Hereupon it followeth that we can obtain no good things until we have the Spirit given us.

–John Calvin, Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles

Sunday was Pentecost, but I stayed home and got busy cleaning. It is how I deal with the feeling that comes over me when one of my children leaves again.


Daughter #2 left for Chicago on Saturday and is there now. Then in a few days she will head back to Maryland for the summer. She has a long drive ahead but she is in good company, so it will be fun.

Aforementioned Good Company

Aforementioned Good Company

Meanwhile I keep busy dusting, vacuuming etc. It works for me. Onward and upward.


IMGP1015 I also worked in the yard.



FYI: the pumpkin plants appear to be thriving, although only time will tell.


Also I have lots of good books to read


and good movies to watch, such as this one, which I watched Sunday night.


This guy always cheers me up.

the-great-escape-steve-mcqueen-1966And now I am back at work with lots of catching up to do! Have a good week!