Kickin’ up dust

by chuckofish

So did anyone watch The Horse Soldiers over the weekend? I did and it was as excellent as I remembered.

I also watched a bad Woody Allen movie and caught up with Longmire, finishing season two. Longmire is the A&E show that takes place in Wyoming (but is mostly filmed in New Mexico) about a 21st century sheriff (named Walt Longmire) in a small town and his deputies and Native American friends and enemies. It is pretty good and I like everyone in it. Season three has just started.

longmire_58720 (1)

Some of you will remember Bailey Chase (far right) from Buffy, season four. How could you forget him?

On Saturday I went to the annual book sale at the Ethical Society, which I have blogged about before. It is such a good sale! I bought two bags of books! What is wrong with me? One of the volunteers brought me a cart from the kitchen to pull around with me, so I wouldn’t have to carry them around. This was nice, but I could tell he wanted to engage me in a conversation, and I wanted none of that. It is bad enough having to overhear/listen to those Prius-driving ethical humanists while they engage in conversation with themselves. Oy.


Just a sample of my $23 purchase–but you can never have too many copies of Leaves of Grass, right?

I also went to a used bookstore where I cashed in a gift certificate a friend gave me for my birthday. I had never been to this store and I have to admit that it always looked vaguely sinister to me from the outside–but I was wrong. They had a lot of  good books for sale besides science fiction. And the proprietor did not look (too much) like this guy:


I will definitely go back! You really can’t judge a book (store) by its cover! Haha.

On Sunday I was back at church for Trinity Sunday. The Old Testament lesson was the creation story from the Book of Genesis–the whole story–Genesis 1:1-2:4–which is a long reading, but, boy, is it good. Luckily it was Shirley from the Lay Reader A-Team who read it. High fives all around. If you were not in church on Sunday, I suggest you go read it on your own. Brilliant.

Hope you fathers had a nice day. The OM took several naps.


In honor of Father’s Day, here is a picture from an article in the old Globe Democrat circa 1965 of our pater doing what he loved best–playing war games in our dining room back in the day.


and surveying his vast collection of painted soldiers.


Good times. You can see that the collecting gene prevails in the family. Have a good week!