“I do the rolling, you do the detail”*

by chuckofish

Yes, we’ve been painting. But inn our case, we do it the other way around — I do the detail  and he paints.  While the DH was away in London Tim and I painted the living room, a fairly monumental task, if I do say so. We did one half at a time. Here’s the first stage of the first half — I’ve taped the edges and we’re ready to go.


I found the physical labor curiously satisfying: on the knees; up and down the step-ladder; stretching, concentrating, and hearing new music on Spotify… and, yes, I was very tired at the end of the day. Here’s what it looked like


halfway through.


The wall color is a putty/light gray-green (‘misty rain’) and the woodwork is some shade of off-white that I can’t recall. The light makes it hard to capture correctly, but I think it turned out really well.


I threw my drapes away and ordered more, but they were the wrong color so I am drape-less and sun-drenched until I can find the right thing.


In a weird way, 10 days of painting, moving furniture, reading, and eating junk food (the dining room being out of commission) was as refreshing as a vacation. And at the end of it, I felt as if I had really accomplished something. My dual personality taught me that there’s nothing like a household project to lift the spirits. She’s right. So go on, pick up your paint brush or go through that closet that’s full of stuff you don’t need. You’ll feel great!

*The Tragically Hip