Rockin’ the boat

by chuckofish

AP photo

AP photo

I am having a hard time keeping positive since my flyover hometown has been the focus of the national news for the past ten days. Someone stopped by my office at work yesterday and said when he was in Helsinki last week, he was watching a Russian news station and heard all about our troubles there.

Well, it is all very sad and frustrating. There are way too many people–most who have never been and never will step foot in Ferguson (which is not a small town in Missouri, but a lower middle class, racially-mixed suburb)–weighing in and commenting on what is happening. The OM’s grandparents lived there for years. I’m sure the people who live in the 63135 just want to get back to work and their children just want to start school. Can we please just let them.

Our hometown friend Nelly went to Ferguson and tried to help.


“We’ve got to understand that we have options and stop choosing the reaction option cause at the end of the day we gonna pay – our brothers are gonna be the ones in jail,” he said. But he got nowhere.

Well, it is hard to keep our chin up with all this going on.

The highlight of my day yesterday was a visit from WWII Guy who was visiting from Hot-lanta. We’re going to have lunch next week, but first he has to fly a B-25 Mitchell (which belongs to the. Missouri Wing of the Commemorative Air Force) up to Duluth.

1507905_710634228970365_1375255387_nYes, there are a few cool guys left in the world.

So I’ll hang in there if you do.