“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”

by chuckofish

Jane Austen was so right. In fact, home is so nice that I could easily become a recluse. I love my house, especially now that the painters have almost finished making it look shiny white and new!


They did trample my hostas almost to extinction. And one of my spruce bushes got so butchered that we just had to take it away completely. I think the one pictured here will follow and then we’ll start all over again. But that’s fine with me…because they’ve done a bonza job.


The picture above shows the dining room window — a very large spruce bush used to obscure it.


The painters had a lot of cool equipment, including this bucket truck to get them up to the top of the house. It made me feel much better about those heights, but it left huge furrows in our front lawn, which will now be a real adventure to mow. But, hey, who cares? The house looks young again and its appreciation is almost palpable. I swear it’s almost smiling.

Meanwhile, on the inside I continue my fight against ‘stuff’ and dirt. I’ve been washing my grimy, boy-hand-printed upstairs hall walls with a trusty Mr. Clean magic eraser and a sponge. No kidding, those magic erasers are really magic, but do be careful about what surface you use them on as they contain formaldehyde.

The newest weapon in my arsenal is a Hoover carpet shampooer. Yep, I took the plunge. I figure that if I have one of my own, I’ll likely use it at least once a year and even if it’s not perfect, it ought to remove the worst of the dirt and spilled tea smell. So today, I’m going to attempt to use the carpet cleaner. Keep your fingers crossed!

Home improvement is so satisfying — you can tell from the (slightly forced) smile, right?

Taken in July during the bathroom re-paint

Taken in July during the bathroom re-paint

So I’m not exactly “Little Green Notebook” as a do-it-yourself blogger. I’m more the “if this incompetent can do it, anyone can” type. But that’s just it. Anyone can! The trick is knowing when to hire someone else to do the job. I think my dual personality has it down pat — as usual, I’m just following in her footsteps.

Have a lovely weekend and think of me toiling away happily with my carpet monster.