Tales of the Road, Since Time out of Mind

by chuckofish

The week flew by, but at least one part of it was truly delightful. On Tuesday my niece and nephew dropped in for a quick visit on their (roundabout) way to Pennsylvania. We’re so glad they took the huge detour to see us! Here are the cousins (note facial hair on son #2!)


We had a leisurely dinner of bbq’d beef tenderloin, corn on the cob, fries, and beer from our local brewery, the St. Lawrence Brewing Co. and then  we stayed up late gabbing. I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures until early next morning just before our guests hit the road.

Clearly I never learned what "act natural" means.

Clearly I never learned what “act natural” means.


Unfortunately, they timed their visit to coincide with the hottest, muggiest days of the year. They arrived during a deluge and it remained rainy and in the 80s while they were here. But as experienced travelers and intrepid outdoors people, un-airconditioned rooms didn’t phase them at all. After they left us, they headed over to Vermont for some camping in the Green Mountains, a quick visit to see their cousin at college there, and a couple of side-trips to cemeteries to pay their respects to ancestors.

Moretown VT5

I hope they found these Chamberlin graves (note the misspelling on the headstones) in Moretown. I’m looking forward to hearing all about their travels and hope they visit us again soon!

The rest of the week was pretty standard, but while I was tidying the house before our visitors arrived, I did rediscover a favorite ‘sad song’.  Since it’s a rainy Saturday, it seems appropriate to share it with you. Here’s Mark Knopfler singing “Before Gas and TV.” Even if you know it well, you should listen to it!


And, of course, have a great weekend!