September Now and Then

by chuckofish

As full of birthdays as it is, September is a busy month for the dual personalities. Yesterday was the birthday of son #2, just a day after that of his lovely cousin. We (the parents, the birthday boy and his wonderful girlfriend) celebrated the advent of  his 22nd year with a yummy roast beef dinner and a good bottle of red wine (see their faces glow). As usual I forgot to take pictures until after the festivities.  Here is the happy couple, smiling joyfully at the birthday card from Chris’s grandmother that contained a  very generous gift!


Then I made him try to hold all his presents — no small feat as they were all more or less the same size.


Note the predominance of movies and books. To keep him from becoming a complete couch potato, we added badminton racquets (hey, hes asked for them and I love badminton). After dinner, we parted company; they to hang out with friends and go bowling and we to our usual old-people activities. It was a very fun evening. Stay tuned for the last September birthday in just two weeks…

For some reason, though, September has always been big in our family. Over the years we’ve developed a nice sequence of September birthdays 11, 12, and 13. Can you guess/remember who was born on September 13th? Check out last week’s post to find out. I’m not referring to either cousin, but to, you guessed it —

What do you think of the odd collar arrangement?

What do you think of the collar arrangement? Kind of odd…


Asa Leander Chamberlin, the family patriarch, who was born on September 13, 1809. So tonight, when you have a slice of leftover birthday cake or a glass of wine, think of A.L.C. , who lived and worked in beautiful Moretown, Vermont many, many years ago.

Other September events of note: Our mother’s parents got married on September 2, 1921.

marriage certificate

I believe our grandmother’s birthday was also in September, but alas, I cannot recall which day. Is it wishful thinking that I seem to remember September 10th? After all, that would give us a nice four-day sequence of family birthdays. The moral of the story? If you look hard enough, there’s always a reason to celebrate!

Have a great weekend!