Be a ham and do Hamlet

by chuckofish

We had glorious, glorious weather this week. The leaves are turning and the air is so fresh. This picture appeared on our local news site, Northcountrynow — isn’t it lovely?

Photo by Robin Beaulieu, St. Regis Falls

Photo by Robin Beaulieu, St. Regis Falls

It was a busy week made busier by preparations for the arrival of boy #3 and his friend, who are coming for a few days of their October break. They get a whole week off and are splitting it evenly between our house and hers in Rutland VT. In trying to spruce things up in my kitchen before their arrival, I painted the back-splash and the area  where we had to remove a cupboard to make room for the new, taller fridge. Talk about awkward spaces! Painting this was like doing some kind of exotic yoga. But it looks pretty nice, don’t you think?


I also got into the spirit of the season a little bit. I bought a couple of pumpkins, mums, and some Indian Corn from the farmers’ market. I love the yellow and orange against the freshly painted blue of the porch, even if the summer’s hanging basket is well past it’s prime.


A brighter  picture I couldn’t get.  Although the sun catches the blue better, the white becomes so bright that it overwhelms everything else. Hence, the picture above is on the gloomy side.  Today, alas, it really is gloomy; it’s pouring rain and my house is dark and damp. Despite the wet, there’s lots happening this weekend that our son and his guest can enjoy. The American Shakespeare Center’s traveling group is on campus to give several performances. Tonight, Tim and friend are attending “Much Ado about Nothing”, while the DH and I will be going to the Sunday matinee performance of Hamlet with one of our friends. It’s always amazed me that a troop of only about 10 people can effortlessly switch between three difficult plays, sometimes presenting two different ones in a single day! There must not be any middle aged women among the actors. There is no way that I could remember the lines to a single part, let alone, several. Sigh.


The ASC visits SLU every year and does a great job. They attempt to recreate the original conditions of the plays by performing with the lights on and having some actors play several characters, although actresses do participate. I’m looking forward to “Hamlet” as it is one of my favorites.

If you can’t see an actual Shakespeare play this weekend, why not “brush up your Shakespeare” anyway?

Go on, “be a ham and do Hamlet”!