“I see great things in baseball.” *

by chuckofish


So the Cardinals have won the NLDS and move on now to the NLCS against the San Francisco Giants. Gone are the days of just winning the National League pennant. Like everything else, baseball has gotten pretty complicated. Nevertheless, we are, of course, pretty darn excited about it here in flyover country!


And let me just say, you have to love a sport where it isn’t always the superstars who are the heroes. Sometimes it’s a dude like Matt Adams, affectionately know as “Big City”, who saves the day.


It’s a team sport where everyone works together, but at the same time, each guy has to stand up in front of 47,000+ screaming spectators and face off alone against the entire opposing team.  Once in awhile he hits what turns out to be a game-winning homerun and that is awesome.


Yes, we love Matt Adams and we love our Cardinals. What’s not to love? Haters gonna hate, but as my mother used to say, “They’re just jealous.”

*Walt Whitman