“Take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise”*

by chuckofish

We experienced a lovely Indian summer weekend here in flyover country. It reached 82 degrees on Saturday!

I went straight home on Friday and parked on the patio.


It was lovely.


Unfortunately I had made plans to attend a women’s retreat (“Soul Sisters–Saints Alive!”) on Saturday at church–whatever possessed me?–and this caused me to spend several hours inside with a bunch of old church ladies. It wasn’t so bad, but I did rush outside at the end of it…to enjoy the sunshine.

I cleaned up the Florida Room at home and moved all the plants inside. The patio furniture will go inside soon and we will be closed up for the winter. Sigh.

But for a few more days, we’ll enjoy the summer-like weather. Sounds like a good excuse to go to Ted Drewe’s for a concrete-for-lunch!


Which is what the OM and I did on Sunday.

Have a great week!

*Hymn #707, Frances Ridley Havergal