Smoting the Babylonian Dame

by chuckofish

On this day in 1688, William of Orange invaded England in an action that ultimately deposed King James II and won him the crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland. Huzzah!


William’s mother, Mary Stuart, was the oldest daughter of King Charles I and sister of King Charles II and King James II.  His wife was the daughter of King James II and his cousin. I can never keep all that royal genealogy straight, can you? I had forgotten that old William was the grandson of Charles I. It’s good to dust off the history books once in awhile, eh?

You will recall that the OM’s ancestor Henry Compton, the Bishop of London, crowned William King a few months later. He reigned jointly with his wife, Mary II, until her death in 1694–as William and Mary–and then alone until his death in 1702.

So a toast to William and Mary is definitely in order tonight, and to the Glorious Revolution when

Englands Church so much opprest
Of all its Rights now re-possest,
With all its Sacred Glories blest,
it shines in Heavenly splendor,
May it ever so endure,
And everlasting peace procure,
For him who keeps our Church secure,
and crush’d the Romish Grandieur.

(For the whole poem (ENGLANDS Triumph, OR, The Kingdoms Joy for the proclaiming of King William , and His Royal Consort, Queen Mary , in
the Throne of ENGLAND , on the 13th. of this instant February . 1688. To the Tune of, Thundering Cannons roar, click here.)