Like sapphire, pearl, and rich embroidery*

by chuckofish

Now that it has gotten colder and we are all beginning to hunker down for winter, I have been imagining myself tucked up with a lap blanket, a cup of tea and some embroidery. There’s plenty in my house to look to for inspiration. My dear dual personality made us this wonderful counted cross-stitch sampler for our wedding present.


It hangs in our bedroom above a bookcase, where, alas, it’s glass also reflects the overhead light, thus making it difficult to get a good photo.  But isn’t it beautiful? Just imagine how much work went into it! On the other side of the closet door, on the same wall, sits a piece that my Aunt Donna made for us as a house-warming gift.


I love the circles and the colors, which go very well in the room.  Can you imagine trying to keep those lines from wobbling? I apologize for the poor photos — I was trying to get close so you could see the detail.

Our mother was also quite deft with the needle, though she didn’t do that much embroidery. Years ago, I found this pillow cover tucked away in a box. I think she made it, or it might have been my grandmother. Some of the thread has worn away, but I really love the Jacobean design and the colors. It’s now in my living room.


I, too, have taken up the needle from time to time, albeit I am something of a novice compared to my sister, aunt, and mother. A few years ago I finished a pillow cover that still awaits blocking and backing. It’s a scene from the Bayeux Tapestry.


Not too bad, eh? Some day I’ll get my act together and have it made into a pillow. In the meantime, I have two projects that I picked up last year at the church Christmas Bazaar. Which one should I tackle first?


The way I see it, embroidery is just the ticket for reducing stress, which is something I need to do. Today we’re heading out to our camp to spend the night (for the first time in years) and I can see myself embroidering in front of the fire —  a glass of wine a the ready — and the quiet tones of civilized conversation to sooth our work-weary souls. Okay, the reality will probably be somewhat different (grading, cleaning, more grading), but, one day, I WILL pick up the needle again.


Until then, I’ll just have to dream about it. Have a great weekend!

*Shakespeare, Merry Wives of Windsor