What news on the Rialto?

by chuckofish


Did you see this funny post on the subject of pet peeves by Emily McDowell on Cup of Jo yesterday?

It got me thinking about my own pet peeves. Here are a few of mine.

1. Newscasters/journalists who make grammatical errors. Zut alors! It is reaching epidemic proportions and it really drives me crazy. I also hate when TV news reporters mispronounce words, such as “thee-A-ter” and “IN-surance”. I mean really.

2. People who microwave smelly frozen dinners for lunch at work and then the whole place smells disgusting all afternoon.

3. When there are many, many empty spots on the fourth floor of the parking garage and I park far away from everyone and someone comes and parks right next to me.

4. People who use the word “folks”.

5. Overuse of the F-bomb in 21st-century films. Ye gods! Is this really necessary? Do people really talk this way? Would it take that  much effort to write dialogue without the F-word? (P.S. Emily McDowell overuses this word too.) There is, of course, one exception to this pet peeve:


I laughed when I saw the pet peeve (of Emily’s) that was “excessive movie quoting”. Certainly my family has been guilty of that on occasion (okay, a lot)–but we keep  it within the family (I think). However, I think this has been going on since Shakespeare’s time. “Get thee to a nunnery!”  “What news on the Rialto?” It is just human nature to quote and to feel hip and in on the private joke doing so.

I realize these pet peeves make me sound old, old, old, and I guess I am. Daughter #1 calls me “Oldie Hawn” (btw, overuse of Simpson-quoting is not a pet peeve in my world.) Oh, well. C’est la vie.

Thank goodness it is less than two weeks until Thanksgiving when we can indulge in mega-movie-quoting while watching the above-mentioned movie. Until then, I am thinking of watching another favorite-to-quote-from movie tonight:

“So what else is on your mind besides hundred-proof women,  ninety-proof whiskey, and fourteen-carat gold?”

How about you?