The end of an era

by chuckofish

On Saturday we bid adieu to an old friend–our 10-year old Subaru.


I have been through a lot with this great car, including a harrowing trip through the mountains of West Virginia in the pouring rain. (I still have flash-backs!) I have never been so scared in my life, but my trusty Subaru (and God and daughter #1 as co-pilots) got me through physically and psychologically intact.

It was the car with the college stickers of my three children.


I really loved this car. It toted a lot of estate sale finds and auction house purchases and college gear back and forth over the years.

As a family we tend to anthropomorphize our cars, even giving them names. I felt genuine sadness and even guilt waving goodbye at the dealership.

But say hello to Giles!


Is this 2015 Mini Cooper in British racing green not perfect?