For Studies and Other Honest Pursuits (Studiis et Rebus Honestis)*

by chuckofish

My grandfathers both grew up in Burlington, Vermont and several of their family members attended UVM. Recently perusing their online archives, I discovered some wonderful information about my great aunt Carly (Carolyn) and her brother, Guy, both of whom had very active college careers. I even found their yearbook pages.  Here’s Carly’s (note the misspelled middle name. It should be Hendren).

Carly's year book page

Carly was a tri-Delt, the vice-president of her class and won prizes in economics and reading, but I especially like that she exhibited the family trait, an acerbic wit. After graduation, she appeared frequently in the alumni magazine — at that time a weekly that published social announcements, including notice of her wedding to Raymond Briggs.

carly's wedding

The wedding must have been a somber affair, for Guy had been a fellow student and was, of course, her beloved baby brother. Their graduation photos were on the same page. I have divided them so that you can read them more clearly.

guys year book page

The school published several stories about Guy’s death, including the following:

Guy letterGuy letter2


Guy obit1Guy obit2Guy obit3Guy obit4Note that his commanding officer was George S. Patton. You’ll notice some discrepancies between the two stories. The official report says he died instantly (probably true); the other has him shot through the mouth, but still able to utter some last words (probably not true). Who knows? Clearly, Guy’s family felt the need to share these stories with the community. His death certainly convulsed their world: his wife, Dorothy, showed up out of the blue to meet the family; his mother died within months, and  his brother (our grandfather), a veteran with a wife and child, never recovered his pre-war joie de vivre. After his mother died, I’m not sure he ever went back to Burlington again. Only the two daughters, Ethel and Carly (but especially Carly), kept the memory of family alive. She must have been the one who sent the stories into the alumni magazine. I wish I could have known them all.

I realize that the quality of these isn’t the best because they’re trimmed out of a scanned in yearbook page and enlarged, but I like these two pictures a lot.

Carly Guy Russell Chamberlin

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? Stay tuned next week for UVM news about the distaff side of the family!

*the University of Vermont motto. All photos and documents uploaded here are from their archive web page. See link above.