(Happy) Ghosts of Christmas Past

by chuckofish

We’ve been trying to get in the holiday spirit here. First we decorated and then we watched “3 Godfathers” (a great, but sadly underrated movie). Don’t get me wrong, those things helped. But something was still missing. I realized this morning that what I  really miss is the sound of excited children. Not having any happy children immediately to hand, I  went to my photo albums. I must say that these pictures have given me a great boost in holiday spirit.

Remember when snow meant adventure — sometimes including dinosaurs?

james chris in snow

Remember when visiting Santa was super exciting and not that creepy?

maybe just a little creepy

maybe just a little creepy

Remember when an indoor tent, sleeping bag and action figures were the best thing in the world?

we still have those sleeping bags

we still have those sleeping bags

And let’s not forget Lego…

so much lego

so much Lego

or the happy, happy baby brother!

so happy with a squeaky toy

there’s nothing better than a squeaky toy

There. Now I feel the excitement of Christmas, don’t you?

While presents are nice, let’s not forget that we’re really celebrating a very different type of gift.


Merry Christmas!