Lest old acquaintance be forgot

by chuckofish


It is that time of year when “TCM Remembers”. Here is the 2014 edition:

We lost so many wonderful actors and actresses and directors et al this year from James Garner and Lauren Bacall to Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney to Robin Williams. In fact, there were so many that no one really gets much of a spotlight. I’m glad they put Shirley Temple at the end singing “Auld Lang Syne” from Wee Willie Winkie.

Lest we forget, watch it and remember. Remember Angus Lennie in The Great Escape? Rosemary Murphy in To Kill a Mockingbird? Marc Platt in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Harold Ramis in Ghostbusters? Juanita Moore in Imitation of Life? Martha Heyer in The Sons of Katie Elder?

Enjoy your Tuesday!