Way Back Wednesday

by chuckofish

I think I mentioned that last weekend the OM and I planned to get started with our big basement clean-up. Well, we did!  We moved a lot of stuff out of the storage area into the “finished” area, so we could go through stuff in order to get rid of a lot of it.

You know how that works.

Anyway, I started going through boxes full of my children’s elementary school artwork. Enough time has gone by so that I can begin to be ruthless., separating the keepers

wrc shooting 4

from the we-can-live-without its.

wrc dare

Although that little vignette of the boy holding his hands up and saying, “No!” is pretty great…as is that “S” made out of a cigarette…

I have also been going through boxes of letters (remember those?) and cards. It is lovely to read them and remember the relatives and dear friends who took the time to take pen to paper to write. I’m keeping these this go-round.

Also, a lot of snapshots have turned up–such as this classic from Halloween circa 1982.


I mean, I’m pretty sure it was a Halloween party we were going to, right?

Anyway, you can look forward to more treasures like these in the future.