Woke up this morning feelin’ fine*

by chuckofish

Do you remember Mary Quant?

Mary Quant

She was born on this day in 1934 in London, the daughter of Welsh teachers, and became a famous fashion designer and British icon. She is credited with inventing the miniskirt (named after her favorite car–ahem) and as such was an instrumental figure in the 1960s London-based “Mod” and youth fashion movements.

Twiggy in a Quant design, 1966

Twiggy in a Quant design, 1966

Quant was also responsible for hot pants, the Lolita look, the slip dress, PVC raincoats, smoky eyes and sleek bob haircuts, but it was make-up that eventually made her company the most money.

I remember those days. My dual personality loved Twiggy and collected pictures of her. (She was in the second grade.) We thought it was all pretty cool: Carnaby Street,

1960's Carnaby Street (5)

Jean Shrimpton,


The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,


the Rolling Stones,

the Rolling Stones  on Ready, Steady, Go! in 1965

Herman’s Hermits!


Living in flyover country, the hip new fashions were slow in catching on, but eventually skirts got shorter, hair got longer and girls started wearing Yardley make-up.



I still have some of these iconic tubes somewhere!

Needless to say, We were oblivious to the darker elements of the mid-sixties. I think we thought, if it’s British, how bad can it be?

Anyone in the mood for Austin Powers?


Yeah, baby–me neither. And happy birthday to Mary Quant!

*Woke up this morning feelin’ fine/There’s something special on my mind/Last night I met a new girl in the neighborhood, whoa yeah/Something tells me I’m into something good (Herman’s Hermits, 1965)