Love is in the air

by chuckofish

Wait, no, it’s just more snow.

Screenshot 2015-02-14 10.09.05

Well, for those who need to find that (last minute) one right thing for their one true love and don’t mind braving the February weather, here are a couple of unusual suggestions.

1. Buy the fastest selling Playmobile character ever, Martin Luther!


Seriously. I’m not a Playmobile fan, but who wouldn’t want their very own Martin Luther? It restores my faith in humanity — I mean just the fact that they made it is cool, but that it has sold out world wide is just awesome. And I’m not even Lutheran.

2. Make your own Lego Valentine. Our middle son made this for us when he was about 9. I think it was for our wedding anniversary, but it doubles nicely as a Valentine, don’t you think?


3. Do a chore that your Valentine has been wanting to get done for a long time. Put up those drapes

hint, hint

hint, hint

or help with the piles of ironing

not ours, but you get the idea

not ours, but you get the idea

4. Bake something yummy and give it to someone who lives alone.

Valentine's sweets

5. If you don’t have time for any of the above, just be sure to tell your loved ones that you love them and give them lots of  hugs and kisses.

XOXOX to all!