“How great thou art “

by chuckofish

Today is the birthday of Louis Comfort Tiffany (February 18, 1848 – January 17, 1933) who was an American artist and designer who worked in the decorative arts and is best known for his works in stained glass.

louis_comfort_tiffanyOne of America’s most acclaimed artists, his career spanned from the 1870s through the 1920s. He embraced virtually every artistic and decorative medium, designing and directing his studios to produce leaded-glass windows, mosaics, lighting, glass, pottery, metalwork, enamels, jewelry, and interiors. As the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812–1902), founder of Tiffany & Company, he chose to pursue his own artistic interests in lieu of joining the family business.

One could spend a lot of time looking at/visiting his marvelous windows which are found all over the U.S. (You can click on these images to see them enlarged.)


The Holy City (1905)–St. John’s vision on the isle of Patmos–is one of eleven Tiffany windows at Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland. It has 58 panels and is thought to be one of the largest Tiffany Studios windows.


All 62 windows in Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Indiana were created by Louis Comfort Tiffany.


St. Michael’s Episcopal Church at the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 99th Street in Manhattan boasts the largest collection of such windows in New York City.

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Here is the May Memorial Window at Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan on East 63rd Street.


This is the Tiffany window in the Pullman Universalist Church in Albion, New York.


This is “Education” in the Chittenden Memorial Window at Yale University.


We even have some right here in town, such as this one at Second Presbyterian in the CWE:


There are so many! Aren’t they wonderful? Well, I have to say it: they don’t make ’em like this anymore!

I’ll be toasting Louis Comfort Tiffany tonight. How about you?

(BTW Tiffany is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY–just another reason to visit this awesome place.)