Friday movie pick(s)

by chuckofish

Ah, Friday! How sweet it is.

It being Lent, I think I will haul out one of my favorite lenten moviesThe Robe (1953) with Richard Burton. In recent years, I have gone to my DVD shelf to find it and come away confused and empty-handed. You know–you think you have a movie, but you don’t. So thinking ahead, I bought a new copy recently. I am all set for some Cinemascope wonderfulness.


Earlier in the week I watched the movie St. Vincent (2014) starring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts. It is the story  of a little boy whose parents have just separated, forcing  him and his mother to move. He finds an unlikely friend and after-school babysitter in the misanthropic, bawdy, alcoholic war veteran who lives next door.


I wan’t expecting much, but as often happens in that case, I enjoyed it. The TV ads always pushed it as a comedy, and it is funny, but it is more of a drama with comedic moments. Melissa McCarthy  is subdued and not over-the-top. The child who plays the boy is very good, and as you know, that can make or break a film.


Anyway, I liked it and it would be appropriate lenten viewing since it asks the question, “Who is a saint?”

If neither of these choices appeals to you, you could choose a film starring Franchot Tone (February 27, 1905 – September 18, 1968), whose birthday is today.


Tone was a cousin of one of my father’s best friends and so he was always on my radar, although he is a rather stiff, old-fashioned kind of actor. He usually plays the debonaire, less sexy, but stalwart other guy, who sometimes manages to get the girl if the lead is a real schmo.

He was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar in Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) and he starred with the best of them, including Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper. He was even married to Joan Crawford!

Recently I watched Suzy (1936)–a WWI drama–with Cary Grant and Jean Harlow. Mostly I was impressed with Harlow.


She steals the show.

Anyway, have a good weekend. Keep warm. We’re supposed to get more snow and wintry mix, etc. Whatever.