Roll on Spring…

by chuckofish

It has been quite a week: so unseasonably cold that the frost line went deeper than the normal five feet and several nearby towns had massive municipal water disasters. Some even resorted to ‘trickle’ orders, hoping that if people kept their water on, the pipes wouldn’t freeze. So far, Canton has escaped, but keep your fingers crossed. Winter isn’t over yet. We did have one day mild enough so that my boys could frolick among the roof tops. Actually, they were not so much frolicking as attempting to prevent the garage roof from caving in.

thigh-high snow!

thigh-high snow!

It was a Herculean task, but they moved mountains of the white stuff!


I think they quite enjoyed themselves. The got sweaty and covered in snow and afterwards were rewarded with tea and brownies.

In the meantime, I avoided grading by messing around on the internet, where I discovered this classic 1939 yearbook photo:

Father's yearbook picture

Let’s look at a close-up:

father's yearbook detail

For readers unfamiliar with the our family, that’s our father looking austere and noble on the bottom right. Note that Newell is one of the only students without a nickname. I suppose his mother thought they were tacky or maybe he just didn’t run with the nickname crowd. Really, is High School fun for anyone, ever?

Next weekend, if all goes according to plan, I should be posting from the  nation’s capital. I’ll be visiting my son and (I hope) the National Archives, while the DH attends a conference. In the meantime, have a great week and console yourselves with the notion that somewhere spring has sprung.