Holier than thou


Well, I do feel a bit holier than thou, having gone to church on Sunday when over 300 (mostly small) churches in the area were closed. However, First Presbyterian and Kirkwood Baptist, two large churches which are only a block or two away from Grace, were also closed. And why you ask? Because it snowed on Saturday! But only 6-7 inches! The streets were plowed! I got down my driveway in my little car no problem.

When did this happen? This fear of snow and the weather in general? When did Americans become such sheep huddled together in fear of a big bad weather front coming through? When did church become just another activity that could be canceled at will?

Well, about 40 hardy souls gathered at our church (and 18 at the 8 a.m. service!), including all the acolytes, all the lay readers and half the ushers! The Sunday School held classes. I say high fives all around for these intrepid Episcopalians!


I must say, it was kind of creepy listening to the snow slide loudly off our big ‘ol roof during the service.

I shoveled off the front walk when I got home and part of the driveway and then the OM hired some teenagers with a snow-blower to clear the driveway, so we are all set now.

I watched some of Ken Burns’ The Civil War in anticipation of my trip in a couple of weeks to see daughter #2. We are road-tripping up to Gettysburg to see the National Military Park. I am also re-reading Long Remember by Mackinlay Kantor, which you will recall is a novel about the battle from the viewpoint of the people who lived in the town. It is really good. I will probably also watch Gettysburg (1993) based on the Michael Schaara novel The Killer Angels. I always thought it was pretty good, except for Martin Sheen as Gen. Robert E. Lee. Jeff Daniels, who plays my hero Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, makes up for Sheen.

Speaking of Chamberlains, did you watch Josh Duhamel’s new show Battle Creek last night? He plays a detective named Milt Chamberlain. (And BTW, the actor who played Dewey Crowe on Justified has a small part.)

Have a good Monday!