More from the Nation’s Capital

by chuckofish

I’m standing in today for my dual personality, who is jet-setting to Maryland to visit her lovely daughter, so I thought I would share a few more pics from my own visit last weekend. On Saturday, son James and I met niece Susie and her beau, Nate, for lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso. It almost went off without a hitch, but I turned the wrong way Dupont Circle and walked what seemed like miles before I realized my mistake. Orienteering has never been my strong point. Suffice it to say that I arrived a little late but none the worse for wear (thanks to a call to son #2 who set me straight). Lunch was delicious and the company delightful!

Despite having her oral exams postponed at the last minute due to snow (I mean, really. How cruel), my niece was amazingly relaxed. I wouldn’t have been.

DSC00913And my insistence on photo-taking didn’t even embarrass the younguns. Congratulations to Susie for passing her exams with ease on the following Monday! Now she gets to do the fun part — the dissertation.

My visit was full of culinary delights. After a brief afternoon visit to the overcrowded Smithsonian Museum of Natural History with James, the DH and I went over to my son’s apartment for a delicious home-cooked meal of lamb meatloaf and seasoned veg. Yum!

It was was also nice to see my son’s digs and catch up with apartment-mate, a fellow Cantonite, Madeleine.

DSC00916Don’t I look like a dutiful wife?. Anyhow, those are the highlights of my trip. The return journey was mercifully easy: temperatures rose and the windshield wiper fluid unfroze; the sun was out and there was only Sunday traffic.

I hope my dual personality travels safely and has a wonderful, wonderful time!