Away, you rolling river

by chuckofish

Today is the birthday of George Caleb Bingham (March 20, 1811 – July 7, 1879) who is considered one of the greatest American painters of the 19th century.

"Daniel Boone escorting settlers through the Cumberland Gap" which resides at my flyover university

“Daniel Boone escorting settlers through the Cumberland Gap” which resides at my flyover university

From 1837-1845 Bingham and his family lived in Arrow Rock, Saline County, Missouri. His home there has been designated a national historic landmark and it is on my list of places to visit.


Eventually he moved to St. Louis where he was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 1848. His interest in politics was reflected in his paintings of the vivid political life on the frontier.

The County Election (St. Louis Art Museum)

“The County Election” (St. Louis Art Museum)

We are pretty proud of ol’ Bingham here in Missouri. You can read about him here.

"Jolly Flatboatmen in Port" (SLAM)

“Jolly Flatboatmen in Port” (SLAM)

There is an exhibition of his works now at the SLAM: “Navigating the West”. Guess I’ll have to add this to my “to do” list!

"Boatmen on the Missouri"

“Boatmen on the Missouri”

"Fur Traders Descending the Missouri" (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

“Fur Traders Descending the Missouri” (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

In honor of George Caleb Bingham, I thought I would pick an appropriate “river” movie for my Friday Movie Pick–perhaps: The African Queen (1951), Show Boat (1951), Jean Renoir’s The River (1951), Fitzcarraldo (1982), The Night of the Hunter (1955), or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1939).

Any other ideas? I am open to suggestions!

While you are contemplating this question, here’s a cute picture of the boy and daughter #1 in NYC. He is visiting her this weekend.

IMG_6483Have a great weekend!