We wait in faith, and turn our face…

…to where the daylight springs, till thou shalt come our gloom to chase, with healing in thy wings.*

Quelle busy week! It always is like that after a long weekend trip and a few days off from work–so much catching up to do!

The boy was in New York visiting daughter #1 this weekend, so Instagram was on fire with great pictures of his visit all weekend.


From snow to blue skies to the Nightline set and lots of cool places in between.




Also daughter #2 was in Savannah, Georgia with the BF, so there was more Instagramming from down south. They found St. John’s Episcopal Church where my parents were married in 1950


and where General Sherman attended services when he set up his headquarters there.


Meanwhile, I puttered around the yard which is starting to come alive.

2015-03-22 13.16.05

On Saturday I went to an estate sale and bought a small vintage chest which I lugged home myself and carried upstairs and into my office.

2015-03-22 13.13.27

I think it is pretty great.

I repotted some plants and carried a whole bunch back out to the Florida room which I had cleaned up. Then I took a break.


My back doesn’t hurt too much.

*John Mason Neale, hymn #672