“A good intention, with a bad approach, often leads to a poor result.” *

by chuckofish


While I was going through boxes and piles of photos etc. a few weeks ago, I found an adorable picture of 10-year old daughter #1 making palm crosses with the Altar Guild at our old church for the Palm Sunday service. I put it somewhere safe to use in a blogpost later.

Of course, when I looked for it, I could not find it. I literally tore the house apart. Still no picture. I looked again. Sigh. I even looked in the books I have been reading. Not there. I looked in the scanner for pete’s sake.

This is the story of my life. Good intentions of being organized. I fool a lot of people, but it is all a joke.

I know that picture is out there. It will no doubt turn up on Monday, after Palm Sunday is past. It will be in an obvious place. If an inanimate object could laugh, this picture would be laughing at me.

On a brighter note: lacrosse season has officially started!


The OM and I went to the boys’ first home game yesterday afternoon after work. I suppose there aren’t a lot of coach’s parents going to games, but I say, why the heck not? It is a pleasure to sit outside and watch the game–even if it was a bit chilly. And they were winning when we left at halftime!

And on another bright note: my spy in Jupiter took some photos for me of this guy–

Photo by WWII Guy

Photo by WWII Guy

Photo by WWII Guy

Photo by WWII Guy

Needless to say, this made my day!

It’s the little things in life, right? Have a good day!

*Thomas Edison