Sometimes you have to lean into the wind to stand straight*

by chuckofish

Mark Knopfler has a new CD out, and, to no one’s surprise, it’s full of sad melodies, mournful guitar, and stories about a wide variety of  down and out characters struggling through life a day at a time.


I haven’t had it long enough to become familiar with all the songs, but the one called ‘Basil’ (track 2) has been running through my head steadily since I first heard it.  Despite the melancholy, Mark Knopfler’s music always puts me in a good mood. Simply put, he makes the world a better place and improves the quality of my life. Here’s to you MK. Long may you play.

In other news, we’re impatiently awaiting spring here. It snowed yesterday. The temperature is not due to rise above freezing today and it’s making everyone restless and cranky. We all have cabin fever. Yesterday, as I avoided doing the things I needed to be doing (grading, cleaning, writing…), I kept finding myself perusing the internet and looking at beautiful landscapes like this amazing photograph of the Isle of Skye by Emmanuel Coupe:


or this one of Glencoe by Angie Latham.


You can buy her photos, etc… on Redbubble. She’s got some superb images of Scotland and Wales. Don’t they make you want to go walkabout? Smell the pine (or heather) in your nostrils and shake the winter out of your bones? Well, I may not be in Scotland, but I’m going to go for a walk today even if I do have to wear a hat, mittens and galoshes! I suggest you do the same wherever you are.

Have an excellent weekend.

*Winter in the Blood, by James Welch