Go, Mary, Go!

by chuckofish

photo SIGN

Quelle weekend! So much activity–and driving–to the airport and downtown twice! Oh my.

I was outside my comfort zone several times. But it was all good.

After picking daughter #1 at the airport bright and early and getting her checked in downtown for the race, we sat out in the sun and watched lacrosse. The Hounds were triumphant 21-0 in a rout of embarrassing proportion.


But a win is a win. They were gentlemen about it.

We got up at 4 a.m. on Sunday in order to get daughter #1 downtown and into her corral by 6:15. We watched 15,000 people run the half marathon,

mary running

Still smiling near the finish!

and cheered and held our signs up like lunatics.


Daughter #1 finished the race in 02:13:27–faster than she expected–and you bet we drank free beer at 9:30 in the morning–only in St. Louis!


We celebrated back in terra cognita with breakfast at Schneithorst’s afterwards and, of course, there were several other runners there sporting handsome medals.


It’s such a small town.