Happy Birthday, Dual Personality!!

by chuckofish

If I could be with you today, I would bring you breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

and armloads of grocery store flowers.


And we would spend the day visiting antique stores or just hanging out and talking. We could drink tea and binge watch Buffy

buffy gif

or one of our favorite movies. Right now I could go for this

I would make you dinner, but it would probably be something simple like cheese, pate, fruit and French bread.  And let’s not forget the good wine. Afterwards, we could sing along loudly and off-key to

or do our famous lip-sync routine to this

At which point we’d have to stop to open presents and eat cake

shirley temple

Then we would probably collapse in a heap. I wish I could be there to celebrate, but I bet you’ll have a great day anyway.  You are the best sister ever and I wish you a super Happy Birthday!